The Recipes Of Tibetan Medicine

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Recipes ,Tibetan Medicineiiiii This includes the main recipes and modified recipes. The main recipe is composed of Herba Morina, Radix Ligular ia, Radix Euphorbia, Rhizoma Acorus salamus, Sallucidum and Fructus Piper longi. Modification can be made as followsIndigestion and stagnant food add dry Rhizoma Zingiberis; With rlung disorders add Fructus Aeseulus; With lumps add Corydalis spp.; Intoxication add Radix Aconiti; With pus formation and blood disease add Herba Oxytopis;Lung disorders add Radix Glycyrrhiza. When the decoction is ready, it should be taken at dawn followed with a mouth gargle with wetness.

Sit calmly for a while, without talking, even though warm. When nausea develops, keep calm without hurrying to vomit. By then, the saliva is being secreted profusely, and part of this should be ingested. By now, the desire for vomiting is very strong. Touch the pharynx with a feather, or one’s own finger when no feather is available; vomiting would seem at once. Most from the contents vomited are clear fluid, signifying a better prognosis. buy etizolam online is worse when the vomit contains mucus. When vomit with bile or blood is apparent, no more vomiting should be allowed.

Generally, when two liters of stomach contents have emerged, the stomach is clarified and the result can be better, although one liter is a fair result; less than one liter is unsatisfactory. Use of an emetic is a rather drastic therapy, so it should not be abused. Sometimes, an unsatisfactory reaction may occur, and close attention should be to this. For instance, vomit with bile should be treated with the recipe composed of Semen Punica, bear bile and Flos Carthami. Grind all elements into powder and administer at once. Vomit with blood should be treated by a recipe comprising bear bile, cinnabar, Flos Pisum sativi, Radix Rhei and white sugar.

Grind all the ingredients into powder, which always be swallowed in a solution decocted with resina secretion of Laccifer locca Kerr. After vomiting, the patient should lie flat or perhaps semiprone position and take a good rest. Gargle with water or water boiled with Sallucidum so in order to clarify the remaining effect of the recipe. Where the patient is resting always be fumigated with fresh butter and Rhizoma Cyperi ,When properly applied, the effect should be satisfactory. Individual feels quite well soon after the therapy and will recover very soon.