How to Paint a Hand Painted Mailbox

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Expert Reviewed How to Paint a Hand Painted Mailbox Is your Hand Painted Mailbox looking a bit dull and dated Or has it faded within hot sun Whether you Painted Mailbox is just old faded or even rusted it is possible to give it a new life with just a few coats of paint. personalized hand painted signs following paragraphs will show you how to color your Hand Painted Tn post office. It will also give you a few ideas on how to add some final touches with it. Steps Part Preparing for Painting Remove the Hand Painted Mailbox over the wall or post if you can.

It end up being screwed referring to. Be sure to save the screws some place safe so that you can reattach the Hand-painted Mailbox late. If you cannot remove the Hand Painted Mailbox you will need to cover the post or surrounding wall by incorporating masking paper and painters tape. Remove all parts from the Hand Painted Mailbox consequently. This includes the numbers flag hook and attach. If you cant remove them then you can at least mask them off. Clean everything benefits of allpurpose cleaner.

Spray the Hand Painted Mailbox down with an allpurpose cleaner an scrub it well with a scrubbing sponge or cloth. This will remove all dirt oils and dust. If you are planning on repainting the post you will need to clean the same thing. Rinse the Hand Painted Mailbox with water and let it dry. If you cleaned the post surely rinse it too. Let these parts dry over night. Use a wire brush steel wool or sandpaper to remove any rust or mold.

If the working on a wooden post you could use a flat sanding cloth or sponge. You can also use an electrical sander on post to get your job done faster. This particular can give you’ smooth clean surface to function on. If you find any rust on the flag latch or hook be particular clean nicely too. Wipe away any dust residue using a tack materials. If you dont do this this dust will be caught inside the paint supply an uneven grainy end.