Guide to Tachograph Offences and Punishment – Keep Me On The Road

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easier security mechanisms to allow fraud more difficult decrease the administrative burden, along with that is expected to save reputable companies million per year; a great interface with the sat nav systems GNSS, especially Galileo and EGNOS European GNSS Agency ; an online communication facility to socialize the tachograph data the police enforcer on each roadside when the motorhome is moving, thus unnecessary stops for checking; an ITS interface that will link the tachograph to many other ITS applications. By to be certain of better compliance with directions on driving times and / or rest periods, drivers in order to be better protected and nice competition will be confirmed.

On March , some Commission adopted the applying Regulation EU , creating the technical specifications for that smart tachograph. Dicas tacógrafo digital of digital tachographs Arrangement of Commission Regulation European No on Digital Tachographs Commission Regulation EU Nope aims at modernising computerized tachographs. This legislation results in better protection against being cheated and to provide better recording, and it asks Member States to apply a common electronic important info exchange system.

The legislation is on top of that expected to save each road transport industry folks of Euros each 12 months by making the tachographs easier to use. All Commission services clarified, wearing a letter dated Come july 1st , that the latest specifications in Commission Reg . EU No apply towards all tachographs activated given that from October . That letter also confirmed where it field tests can end up being done before type affirmation of the new resources on the basis for article g of Regulations EC .

Field tests of other tachographs The Commission has got published a procedure to positively follow for manufacturers who usually want to proceed into a field test relating to new models of vapor tachographs before their specialized type approval. The linked information can be learned on the European Commission’s Digital Tachograph website.